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bioMérieux Partners with Industry-Leading Yeast Supplier White Labs to Develop GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ Yeast Slurry (YS)

The First Quality Control Test Kit for Yeast-Specific Applications

Solution Offers Increased Sensitivity and Optimized Sample Prep to Return Complete, Accurate and Actionable Results in a Fraction of the Time 


CHICAGO - Oct. 5, 2023 - bioMérieux, a world leader in in vitro diagnostics, announces the launch of GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ Yeast Slurry (YS) - the first-of-its-kind diagnostic quality control PCR test designed to specifically detect contaminants in raw yeast materials and yeast propagations to ensure top quality fermentations. 

Yeast suppliers and brewers producing their own yeast must navigate numerous spoilage and unwanted bacteria and contamination challenges throughout harvesting and yeast propagation processes. Current quality control test kits for the brewing industry are designed to detect potential spoilers in the finished product, not in the yeast slurries themselves. GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS was built to analyze yeast in its cell-dense raw material state and is calibrated against specialized targets tailor-made for yeast slurries. 

The maximized sensitivity of the solution provides actionable insights to yeast and fermentation managers to deliver an enhanced risk assessment profile of not just common spoilers, but also environmental contaminants unique to yeast to strengthen quality control programs. 

Developed in collaboration with industry-leading yeast supplier White Labs, the solution features an optimized sample prep with increased sensitivity and specialized targets tailor-made for yeast slurries. With a much shorter time-to-result than traditional microbiological methods, the actionable insights promote operational efficiencies and raise confidence in product-release decisions to protect brand reputation. 

This game-changing PCR solution can be applied in the raw material, harvesting and yeast propagation phases to avoid unnecessary contamination and spoilage challenges as early as possible in the production cycle. This helps yeast suppliers uphold product integrity, brand reputation and customer trust, while also enabling breweries of all sizes to maximize production efficiency, minimize waste and ensure product consistency and taste profiles. 

“As a long-term diagnostic partner of the brewing industry, we pride ourselves on developing tangible, cutting-edge solutions that solve our customers’ toughest problems,” said Ben Pascal, head of the xPRO Program at bioMérieux. “The GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS development process was a true partnership with White Labs and showcases the power of collaboration and innovation. The result - the first diagnostic testing solution made by yeast experts for yeast experts - allows for confident testing in the raw material, harvesting and propagation processes to empower better decision-making across the entirety of the production process - from the raw material to product release stages.” 

“As a leading yeast-supplier, White Labs is committed to delivering the highest-quality products to our customers. To deliver on this promise, we are always seeking cutting-edge methodologies to enhance our quality programs” said Neva Parker, Director of Operations, White Labs. “bioMérieux is a likeminded organization that understands the nuances of the brewing industry, making them the perfect partner to collaborate on a game-changing solution that will not only benefit White Labs and our customers, but the broader brewing industry as a whole.” 

GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS is part of bioMérieux’s complete portfolio of testing solutions for brewers and yeast suppliers, which are a result of the bioMérieux xPROTM Program. The xPRO™ Program is the catalyst that offers cutting-edge molecular diagnostics to food quality and safety departments in the food, beverage, cannabis and dietary supplement industries. Beverage industry leaders can partner directly with bioMérieux teams to rapidly develop, validate and commercialize innovative molecular testing solutions to respond to emerging needs and provide solutions to enhance overall quality programs.

To learn more about how GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS or bioMérieux’s other game changing xPRO solutions can unlock operational efficiencies at your company, visit the xPRO™ Program page.



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bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (systems, reagents, software and services) which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. Its products are mainly used for diagnosing infectious diseases. They are also used for detecting microorganisms in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


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