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bioMérieux brings together here key information and resources to help you better understand our products and solutions.

Food Safety & Quality Media Statements

Food Media Statement


bioMérieux Partners with Industry-Leading Yeast Supplier White Labs to Develop GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ Yeast Slurry (YS) 

Current quality control test kits for the brewing industry are designed to detect potential spoilers in the finished product, not in the yeast slurries themselves. GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS was built to analyze yeast in its cell-dense raw material state and is calibrated against specialized targets tailor-made for yeast slurries.


bioMérieux Triples Footprint in Philadelphia with 32,000 sq. ft. State-Of-The-Art Predictive Diagnostics Innovation Center 

bioMérieux has announced the lease signing of a new, 32,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art molecular innovation center at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia.


bioMérieux Introduces GENE-UP® PRO GENDER ID and GENE-UP® PRO HOP LATENT VIROID (HLVd) Solutions 

The addition of these offerings strengthens the company’s comprehensive portfolio of cannabis microbial testing solutions to provide enhanced control of the cannabis cultivation process risk, creating efficiencies and boosting the bottom line from seed to sale.


bioMérieux Introduces GENE-UP® ENVIROPRO

bioMérieux, a world leader in in vitro diagnostics, announces the availability of GENE-UP® ENVIROPRO™, the only assay of its kind to simultaneously detect both Salmonella and Listeria from environmental swabbing, including PCR confirmation.


bioMérieux and Jackson Family Wines Introduce Groundbreaking Innovation for Wine Quality – BOTTLESAFE

Validated by Wineries to Verify Final Filtration Prior to Bottling On-Site, Solution is Now Available with bioMérieux’s Comprehensive End-To-End Wine Quality Product Portfolio.


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Awards bioMérieux Innovation

Company’s True Non-Enrichment Quantification Diagnostic Is The Standard-Setting Guideline for Salmonella Food-Safety Testing in the U.S.


bioMérieux Wins 2022 Food Safety Innovation Award

Company is Changing the Game of Food Safety and Quality by Bringing the Best Minds and the Best Science Together to Provide Compliant, Impactful Solutions for the Industry.


bioMérieux Launches the First-of-Its-Kind Assay

Its Predictive Diagnostic Innovation Center and Invisible Sentinel Team announce the GENE-UP® PRO ACB to prevent flavor imbalance in one step instead of two.
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International Food Safety Consumer Survey 2020

For the second year running, bioMérieux and Mérieux NutriSciences have joined forces to better understand consumer perceptions around food safety on an international scale.


Increase Awareness on Food Safety & Consumer Health

Following a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in 2016, for a bilateral scientific collaboration on Food Safety between FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) and ANSES (French Agency for Safety of Food, Environment and Occupational Health, France), and along with the support from the Embassy of France in India, a 2nd “Hands-on Training Program on Advanced Microbiological Techniques” was conducted.


IAFP Keynote

“Take Off the Pump Handle”: BioFire CEO Randy Rasmussen on Meeting the New Challenges of Infectious Disease. Discover his keynote speech at the 2018 bioMérieux “Night at the Museum” event held in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 9th, 2018.


bioMérieux Acquires Invisible Sentinel

bioMérieux, a global player in in vitro diagnostics and world leader in food microbiology testing, today announced the acquisition of Invisible Sentinel Inc. This company, based in Philadelphia (PA) develops, manufactures and markets innovative and user-friendly molecular diagnostic tools for the rapid, accurate and reliable detection of pathogens and spoilage organisms in food and beverage.


Food Safety Survey

Chicago (IL, USA), Marcy l’Étoile (France), June 7th, 2019 – For this inaugural World Food Safety Day, Mérieux NutriSciences and bioMérieux conducted an international consumer survey to better understand consumer perception and behaviors towards food safety in four countries: the United States, China, France and India.


bioMérieux Launches Predictive Diagnostics

Predictive Diagnostics uses traditional core microbiology solutions alongside data science, sequencing applications and predictive modeling to help move food producers from being reactive by detecting and responding to safety and quality issues, to being proactive by predicting and preventing them.