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Pathogen Mapping to Effectively Address Cronobacter sakazakii Contamination in Infant Formula Manufacturing Facility

Infant Formula Powder

September 09, 2022


Cronobacter sakazakii is a pathogen of increasing importance to customers in Infant Formula products and ingredients because of the health risks it poses for infants. It is a challenging issue that is difficult to manage. C. sakazakii contamination can come from raw materials, the environment, or even found in the process itself.

Recently, an infant formula manufacturer approached bioMérieux for help to understand and mitigate C. sakazakiicontamination found in the environment, raw material, in-process, and finished product. The diagnostic test confirmed C. sakazakii was present, but they had several unanswered questions.  

Through our Predictive Diagnostics approach, bioMérieux offers deep C. sakazakii expertise across multiple domains including microbiology, processing, manufacturing, bioinformatics, and data science. We utilized our suite of tools and specialists to help the customer gain never-before-seen insights to effectively mitigate their persistent C. sakazakii challenge.


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