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Cannabis and Hemp

Solutions to better protect product quality and safety in the cannabis and hemp industry are essential. Many testing technologies lack robust science and consistency, require significant hands-on time, and are prone to human error. At bioMérieux we offer a comprehensive offering of cannabis-validated test kits.

Expanding Cannabis Safety and Science

Combining industry-leading technology and microbiology expertise, bioMérieux provides testing solutions that are easy to use and scientifically robust. We ensure a higher standard of quality so you can choose the best testing method for your facility.

Product List

  • PMi™

    Systems for more efficient tube, bottle and plate filling

    The PMi™ (High Precision Peristaltic Dispenser) brings greater efficiency and precision to your culture media preparation. You can fill tubes, bottles or plates manually with PMi™.

    Automated Gram Staining

    PREVI® COLOR GRAM is a fully automated stain process from fixation to drying that uses our patented spray technology to provide rapid, standardized results for all specimen types.
  • Pathogen Environmental Monitoring E-Learning Course

    Elevate your team's expertise and ensure consistent planning and execution across your organization with our interactive eLearning course.

  • SMASHER® Sample Blender

    High-Performance Blender

    The SMASHER® is a high-performance bag blender that ensures homogenous samples prior to microbial detection or identification tests.
  • VILINK® Instrument Management System        

    Instrument Management System

    VILINK® software is our real-time support system that keeps the instruments in your laboratory running via remote monitoring.
  • VITEK EXPRESS Identification Services

    ID Services Powered by Microbiology Experts

    As microbiologists, we know fast and reliable results are of the utmost importance. Get the accurate identifications you need quickly and easily.

    Your Solution for Automated Microbial Identification

    The VITEK® 2 Compact system offers quality control testing solutions for fast and accurate microbial identification. With technology that includes an extensive and robust identification database, rapid results, and minimal training time, it will streamline laboratory workflow for increased productivity.

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