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Webinars & Symposiums

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AKI Awareness

AKI Awareness – The Blind Spots Driving Poor Outcome

This symposium during the 39th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT provides understanding related to the gaps of knowledge of non-AKI focused Health Care Providers which may identify opportunities to raise AKI awareness.

This symposium was supported by bioMérieux.

ICS Education - AKI

Acute Kidney Injury - What is on the horizon?

Join the Intensive Care Society on a webinar that focuses on AKI and the role of AKI biomarkers in clinical practice.

This webinar is supported by an educational grant from bioMérieux.

The use of biomarkers in the management of AKI

The use of biomarkers in the management of AKI: AKI in the critically ill

This webinar features 2 speakers. Prof. Lui G. Forni (Consultant Intensivist & Nephrologist from Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK), lays the foundation of the importance of using biomarkers in the management of AKI in the critically ill. Dr. Daniel Engelman (Cardiac Surgeon from Baystate Medical Center, USA) discusses how biomarkers play a role in preventing cardiac surgery-associated AKI.

This webinar was supported by an educational grant from bioMérieux and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

KDIGO AKI & COVID-19 Webinar


The KDIGO (Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes) AKI & COVID-19 webinar held in September 2020, featuring Prof. John Kellum from University of Pittsburgh, USA and Dr. John Prowle from Queen Mary University in London, UK, examines the complexity of treating AKI in the context of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

This webinar was supported by an educational grant from bioMérieux.

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