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On-Demand: BACT/ALERT® 3D

From Alternative to Routine for Testing Cell and Gene Therapy Products

April 26, 2022

Expert Testing Webinar

Webinar Overview:

Listen to Lori Daane, Sr. Director of Scientific Affairs at bioMérieux, discuss rapid sterility testing within the cell and gene therapy landscape. She discusses the evolving regulations and why the BACT/ALERT® has continued to be the go-to instrument of choice for testing these products for microbial contamination. 

Lori Daane has over 30 years of experience in clinical, environmental, and industrial microbiology. She is a technical expert on rapid and alternative methods, and provides scientific support to the Healthcare business in North America. Prior to joining bioMérieux, Lori worked for 11 years at Celsis in a variety of technical roles, including VP of Scientific Affairs and Reagent Development. 

Learn more about real-time results and continuous monitoring with the BACT/ALERT®. →

(This webinar is sponsored by bioMérieux.)