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Pharmaceutical Quality Control Case Studies


BIOCAD’s Quest for a Reliable Microbiological Quantitative Reference Material

BIOCAD is Russia’s leading innovative biotechnology company, combining a world-class research and development center, ultra-modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing facilities, with a preclinical and research infrastructure compliant with international standards.


How a Top 5 Pharma Company Protects Production and Increases Productivity Using BACT/ALERT® 3D

A top 5 pharma company chose to implement a strong in-process testing routine strategically monitoring specific critical steps of their production process. This approach was designed to detect any microbial contamination at the earliest possible opportunity and has been key to maintaining superior control over their production processes.


How Thalgo Increased Productivity With CHEMUNEX®

The market-leading marine cosmetics firm Thalgo regularly processes large volumes of aqueous products with seaweed extracts on demanding timescales and to strict regulatory requirements. With a large and fast-moving supply chain, Thalgo is required to perform certified analysis on its consumer products quickly and efficiently in order to ensure continued commercial success.


How Shiseido Increased the Efficiency of Microbiological Controls With CHEMUNEX®

Shiseido is a globally-renowned manufacturer of cosmetics and fragrances. The company carries out intensive research and development activity on a continual basis, bringing multiple new product references to market every year. In this case study we discuss why Shiseido began using CHEMUNEX® for quality control of bulk raw materials and in product development.


How did L’Oréal Optimize Microbial Testing With the CHEMUNEX® System?

L'Oréal is the largest cosmetics and beauty product manufacturer in the world. As an owner of multiple international brands with presence in 130 countries globally, controlling the microbial content in their products is of the utmost importance. One particular site in France, Gemey Maybelline, is a center of production for make-up items such as foundation, lip gloss and nail polish.


How did Cosmebac Improve Microbiological Testing Process With CHEMUNEX®?

Founded in 1993, Cosmebac is a microbiology laboratory that is a part of the Cosmepar group. They focus on safety testing for cosmetic products for various clients, resulting in their status as an expert when it comes to regulations and international testing standards. In order to achieve their goal of helping their clients release their products faster, they needed to improve upon the analysis time during testing. Mr. Charles Reinier, the Microbiology Laboratory Manager at Cosmebac, decided to implement the CHEMUNEX® D-COUNT® from bioMérieux.