Pioneering diagnostics

Professional development and well-being at work

bioMérieux firmly believes in the potential of its human capital. We never lose sight of our responsibility towards the teams who are behind our success.

Internal mobility

Key for successful future development, internal mobility is encouraged to adapt to a changing work environment in the short term and to address the Company’s development needs from a more long-term perspective.

Nearly 50% of permanent-contract positions are filled through internal mobility.

Gender equality

The first triennial agreement concerning gender equality in the workplace was signed in 2003. It is renewed every three years, providing an opportunity for the social partners to move forward on this issue. Measures to correct pay gaps, improve gender balance within the organizations and increase the percentage of women in management positions are also taken. Professional equality is essentially evaluated on the basis of 3 indicators: diversity, compensation and promotion. For the social partners, the information provided by this data allows corrective actions to be taken.

At bioMérieux, the Women Ready for Leadership Diversity (WoRLD) internal network works to promote greater gender diversity within management positions. In 2016, its members organized or participated in some 10 events to raise awareness and provide information on the topic of gender diversity. In February 2016, the WoRLD network provided the momentum for the first JUMP Forum in Lyon, a day-long European event devoted to the issue of professional equality and promoting women’s careers. The forum in Lyon was attended by 200 participants; 15% were men from bioMérieux and other companies.


bioMérieux ranks 7th among French companies for gender equality

In a report published by the NGO Equileap in April 2017, bioMérieux was ranked 7th among French companies promoting gender equality and 39th among the Top 200 international companies included in this global ranking. The ranking measures companies’ progress in 4 categories:

  • Gender balance in leadership and the workforce,
  • Equal compensation and work/life balance,
  • Policies promoting gender equality,
  • Commitment to women’s empowerment within the company.

Work-life balance

Quality of life in the workplace is a major focus of bioMérieux’s human resources policy. In 2015, a Work-Life Balance program was introduced in France to improve the balance between employees’ professional and personal lives. The program continued in 2016 and was expanded to cover additional countries in the EMEA region. The implementation of a teleworking policy met with remarkable success. In France, for example, 10% of employees with a permanent contract worked from home in 2016. Of these, 90% were executives and 62% were women.

Disability initiatives

Since 2008, the Company has carried out initiatives within the framework of the Company agreement concerning employees with disabilities: actions to hire, integrate and train people with disabilities, to raise awareness and train employees involved in integrating disabled workers, and support job retention by adapting workstations.

Initiatives in 2016 : 

  • A recruitment day devoted to people with disabilities at the Craponne (France) site.
  • Collaboration with sheltered-employment companies across all French sites.
  • 3 “Handibio” days at the sites of Craponne, Verniolle, Ker Lann, Combourg and Ivry (France) to raise awareness about working with a disability.
  • Targeted training for Disability correspondents (one at each site) and some managers.
  • Financing means of disability compensation and investments in production tools to support the job retention of employees with disabilities and other employees as part of a preventive approach (automation of certain workstations, automated lifting tables, etc.).

Workplace health and safety

bioMérieux teams are targeting a 30% reduction in the rate of occupational accidents by 2020. The 2015 rate of 2.1 should be reduced to 1.6, which is especially low for the industrial sector internationally. The Health, Safety and Environmental policy, initially developed for production facilities, has gradually been expanded to include commercial subsidiaries as well.
Our US subsidiary launched a road safety training program in 2016 for all employees who use their vehicle for professional purposes.


 Initiatives in the United States 

Several initiatives carried out at bioMérieux’s US sites in 2016 illustrate the Company’s commitment to employees’ health:

  • The 5K Road Race and Walk, which aims to raise awareness about sepsis.
  • The Vitality program, which encourages bioMérieux employees to pay attention to their health and wellness.
  • The opening of the Live Well Center in St. Louis, Missouri, which provides high-quality medical services for primary and emergency care for 1,100 site employees and their families.