Pioneering diagnostics

Our employees' success

Mérieux Université was launched in 2014 to support the professional development of the employees of the companies that are part of Institut Mérieux. It also ensures the transmission of a strong entrepreneurial culture and helps build bridges within the Group.

The head office of Mérieux Université is located west of Lyon near the bioMérieux headquarters. Mérieux Université also provides training in the 3 regions of the Company: Americas, Europe - Middle East - Africa, Asia Pacific. 

It aims to support employees in a rapidly-evolving professional environment, encourage innovation, foster talent development and bolster employee engagement. In a sector marked by ongoing change, a dynamic training policy represents a strategic investment and a priority for bioMérieux.

Career training to develop employee skills

One of the chief roles of Mérieux University is to develop training programs and implement them to ensure that the skills of employees of the companies within Institut Mérieux keep pace with the changing needs of customers. In 2016, two new “career path” courses were added to the 2017 professional training catalogue: Sales Essentials is designed to improve commercial performance, while training to support the transformation of the Supply Chain aims to increase customer satisfaction. Several modules have also been developed to complement existing “career path” courses.

Enhancing the company culture

Seventy managers of 18 nationalities have already attended the New Leader Induction program, created in 2015. Training is intended to facilitate the integration of newly recruited managers by providing an opportunity to discover the history, values and strategy of each of the companies that belong to Institut Mérieux while at the same time instilling a shared management culture to help them make a successful transition. 
The Mérieux Managers Essentials program was renewed and represented 16,000 hours of manager training in 2016, an average of 10 hours of training per manager.

Offering training programs that promote our strategy

  • GMs & Cluster Heads program: for subsidiary and cluster directors. This training seminar aimsto share the Company’s strategy, address the challenges of this function, build a community of common practices and gather participants’ insights and feedback about selected cross-functional initiatives.
  • Syner’J programfor selected buyers within the Institut Mérieux Group companies. It focuses on pooling a portion of purchases. Launched in 2016, the program led to the creation of a community of common practices and the development of an action plan
  • Fit for the Future program: to identify exceptional employees. Employees who take part in this intensive week work on topics of pressing interest for the company and attend presentations by renowned outside speakers. After six months of work, the participants submit completed projects; some include recommendations that can be implemented within bioMérieux.

Responding to the specific needs of our teams

Mérieux Université also serves bioMérieux teams by designing customized training in order to strengthen collective efficiency and collaboration through a transfunctional approach. Providing support to a new team manager, facilitating the division of work between two teams, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and helping reposition a team’s project within the Company’s value chain are examples of the topics addressed.


 With Mérieux Université in 2016 

  • More than 3,700 personnes trained
  • More than 300 training sessions 25% of training conducted outside of France, in the hubs of Durham, Rio and Shanghai
  • More than 900 managers received training, including 50% in sessions outside of France 
  • 90 teams received support as part of a transformation project 
  • 42 employees participated in the New Leader Induction program
  • 22 employees participated in the Fit For The Future program.