Pioneering diagnostics

bioMérieux and Quanterix Sign Strategic Partnership in Ultrasensitive and Multiplex Immunoassays

15 November, 2012

Quanterix’s Simoa™ technology to be developed for diagnostic applications.
bioMérieux gains exclusive rights for clinical laboratories and industrial applications.
bioMérieux takes equity stake in Quanterix and leads Series C financing round.

Marcy l’Etoile (France) and Lexington, MA (U.S.)  —
bioMérieux and Quanterix announced today that they have entered into a strategic agreement that gives bioMérieux worldwide exclusive rights to Quanterix’s Simoa technology in clinical laboratories and for industrial applications. Under the agreement, Quanterix will deliver a new instrument and consumables based on its Simoa technology. bioMérieux will develop ultra-sensitive and multiplex assays on the platform.

Quanterix has closed an $18.5 million Series C financing with participation from all existing investors, including ARCH Venture Partners, Bain Capital Ventures and Flagship Ventures, and joined by In-Q-Tel. bioMérieux has taken an initial $15 million equity stake in Quanterix.

Quanterix has invented an ultra-sensitive immunoassay technology, offering unprecedented assay performance with multiplex capability. Unlike the traditional analog-based methods of detecting proteins or biomarkers in a biological sample, Simoa is based on a digital approach that enables detection of a signal from single molecules of a labelled analyte, and is much more sensitive than conventional analog-based protein detection technologies.

bioMérieux will develop specialized tests for which high sensitivity and / or multiplex is required, with a particular focus on infectious diseases. The menu will include existing tests for which sensitivity needs to be improved and new biomarkers which are currently difficult or impossible to measure, opening up new applications. The Company’s goal is to improve standard of care, by providing earlier detection of diseases and consequently enabling clinicians to make treatment decisions much more rapidly. Leveraging the high sensitivity of Quanterix’s Simoa technology and the multiplex functionality, bioMérieux will create a unique offer of assays combining several clinically relevant tests, for improved patient care.

“This agreement marks an important milestone for our immunoassay franchise, strengthening our role as a specialized player with a ground-breaking technology that delivers significant medical value,” said Jean-Luc Belingard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of bioMérieux. “We have great admiration for Quanterix’s achievement in developing a technology with the sensitivity of molecular diagnostics at a more affordable cost. We are very pleased to make this breakthrough available to a broad number of laboratories.”

“bioMérieux’s partnership validates the incredible foundation the Quanterix team has developed and will make it possible for this remarkable technology to make a difference in the lives of patients,” said Paul Chapman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quanterix. “As one of the leading companies in the IVD space, we could not have found a better strategic partner to develop and commercialize Simoa in this critical market segment. This strategic alliance will provide us with the flexibility to leverage Simoa technology and apply it in other commercial opportunities of interest, whether that be in biomedical research, bioterrorism, blood banking, or point-of-care diagnostics.”

Under the terms of the agreement Quanterix will receive upfront and milestone payments, as well as royalties on future sales. bioMérieux will take an additional equity stake, contingent upon milestone achievement. In connection with the equity stake, bioMérieux has the right to designate one director for election to the Quanterix board. No further financial details of the transaction were disclosed.