Pioneering diagnostics

Improving maternal and infant health 

For some 30 years, bioMérieux has been developing its distribution network for diagnostic solutions in Africa while continuing its commitment to programs that facilitate access to diagnostics for resource-limited populations.

The Company places particular importance on improving the health of mothers and young children by targeting four priority diseases: respiratory infections, diarrhea, sepsis and meningitis. Initiatives are designed to improve access to diagnostics, provide education and training on in vitro diagnostic tools, form public-private partnerships, and develop innovative products that address the specific challenges facing African countries.

Initiatives in the field

In Chad

In 2015, bioMérieux and the NGO ALIMA, have initiated a study which examines the causes of acute, persistent infectious diarrhea in children suffering from severe malnutrition. Its results illustrate the importance of furthering our understanding of the disease agents responsible for diarrhea in infants, in order to better prevent it and treat young children suffering from severe malnutrition. For the purposes of the study, bioMérieux donated BIOFIRE®  FILMARRAY®  Gastrointestinal Panel kits to the NGO ALIMA, used by the Chad-China Friendship Hospital in N’Djamena.

In Botswana

A clinical study is under way in Botswana thanks to the financial support of the Grand Challenges Canada Program. The aim is to optimize the management of acute diarrhea in children by introducing a rapid diagnostic test to allow for timely, targeted antimicrobial therapy. An initial study concerning rectal swabs for use on the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® system among children with severe gastroenteritis was described in a poster presented at an international scientific congress in December 2016.

The partnership that was signed concerns the donation of a BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® system and BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY®  Gastrointestinal Panels to the Botswana National Laboratory.

In Burkina Faso

In November 2016, bioMérieux sponsored and contributed to the International Symposium  on rotavirus gastroenteritis in Burkina Faso, organized by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Linköping Faculty of Medical Sciences of Sweden. In addition to the symposium, the Company organized a workshop on the detection and molecular diagnostic testing of viruses that cause severe gastroenteritis. During the workshop, participants were trained on using the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Gastrointestinal Panel.