Durham (NC), USA - 5 mars 2002. Ease of use, enhanced data management and expansion options multiply for popular blood culture and mycobacteria testing system. bioMérieux, Inc. has introduced several new configurations of its BacT/ALERT® 3D microbial testing system that specifically address differing functional needs for microbiology testing. As many organizations look to extend testing capabilities into lower volume settings or streamline processes around specific functional requirements, the new BacT/ALERT 3D configurations provide a wide range of options unprecedented in laboratory equipment.

The addition of the Select, SelectLink and Signature configurations to the BacT/ALERT 3D product line allows even the smallest laboratory or facility to do full microbial testing quickly and economically. All BacT/ALERT 3D systems share a common operator interface with touch-screen, icon-driven commands that make procedures easy to follow with minimal training. Sample prep and loading are virtually error-free, and continuous monitoring gives immediate notification of results for greater productivity.

«Most laboratories have constant pressures to do more with less – less staff, less space, less infrastructure. Our new BacT/ALERT 3D configurations were specifically developed with this in mind», states Dr. Jim DiGuiseppi, Global Marketing Senior Vice President. «Customers can now configure a blood, body fluid and mycobacteria culture system to fit their own unique requirements, both from a system capability perspective, as well as from capacity and physical layout aspects. Typically, testing systems for laboratories come one way – a single design, a single operating system, a single function. We’ve changed that with the new Select, SelectLink and Signature series, giving customers the ability to build a system to their exact needs, and the flexibility to reconfigure the system in the future as those needs evolve.»

bioMérieux’s modular design approach for BacT/ALERT 3D Systems provide laboratories maximum flexibility in spacial layout. Instruments can be configured to sit on a counter, free-stand as a floor unit, be placed on a mobile cart, or a combination of these if needed. The system’s incubator drawers can also be designated for sample loading from the left or right to accommodate the most ergonomic working procedures. Beyond physical characteristics, the new BacT/ALERT 3D configurations can accommodate a variety of data management requirements and varying levels of operational capabilities and testing functions.

Capable of processing blood, body fluids, and mycobacteria specimens all in the same, single instrument, BacT/ALERT systems have a well-established reputation in the laboratory community for high-performance detection of positive results, and one of the industry’s lowest false-positive rates. Based on a unique, patented colorimetric sensor technology, each culture bottle is continuously monitored for microorganism growth by a highly sensitive reflectometer. Changes are immediately recognized and reported.


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