Well-being at work

Our employees are a vital force in shaping the Company’s success. We place great importance on ensuring that their working environment fosters their professional development while respecting the balance between their professional and personal lives.

Working environment

bioMérieux takes a multidimensional approach to creating and maintaining a working environment that fosters our employees’ professional development, which includes:

  • Adapting work areas, whether they are offices, production sites or research centers;
  • Implementing technologies that allow for remote information sharing and encourage collaborative work in project mode;
  • Developing internal employee communities;
  • Implementing a work-life balance program;
  • Rolling out a “Best Place to Work” program at all the Company’s subsidiaries in the EMEA region in order to strengthen the pride of belonging, trust in management and a friendly atmosphere within the Company.

bioMérieux has always been strongly attached to the quality of social dialogue, and Company management works in concert with union representatives on many different topics. Numerous agreements on well-being at work have been signed with our social partners. In France, an innovative agreement to improve the quality of life at work was signed unanimously in 2019.

The Company is open to employees’ suggestions. During the “iDay Idea Tank” organized in 2018, nearly 20,000 suggestions were collected from employees around the world. Since then, several initiatives have been put in place. For example, the Enjoy & Share platform, used by bioMérieux employees worldwide for house swapping and traveling abroad to learn a new language, was enhanced in 2019 with a “classified ads” section so that employees can sell, give away or exchange goods and services.

Atmosphere at work


Employees are driven by the pioneering spirit that has characterized bioMérieux since its creation: within teams, they move forward together and unite their efforts to make their contribution to addressing the Company's public health challenge.

At bioMérieux, we care about our employees by prioritizing respect, trust and autonomy to allow everyone to express their full potential in a supportive environment where professional relationships are both genuine and caring.



  • Teams move forward together towards a common goal. The corporate culture that drives us is unique and alive around the world. Whatever his or her job may be, each employee contributes to the virtuous energy that brings us together, and impacts the world we live in.
  • Our employees’ social skills are as essential as their technical know-how: we grant as much importance to personal values and qualities as to skills and expertise. We catalyze individual talents that are all essential to enhance the Company and make it grow.

This atmosphere of goodwill helps foster mutual respect between people and a spirit of initiative. It allows each employee to be in a position to:

  • strive for excellence;
  • explore new territories : innovate in every area and demonstrate boldness and courage, be resilient and adapt to change;
  • take risks and responsibility for one’s actions;
  • show solidarity to one’s team when there are set-backs as well as successes.



For more detailed information about these commitments, see our actions related to our responsibility to our workforce