Site and employee participation

As in any company, there are certain risks associated with the activities carried out at our sites, industrial production zones, R&D laboratories, and offices. Whatever the role and responsibilities of each bioMérieux employee, adopting best practices helps to reduce them.

To reach the ambitious Vision 2020 objectives and maintain the level of vigilance, the “Proud to be a daily hero” global awareness campaign was launched in October 2018. It aims at encouraging each employee to act safely and in a clean way.

The first focus of the campaign was to prevent accidents as employees move from place to place.

At the same time, we are seeking to reduce employees’ exposure to musculoskeletal disorders, in connection with initiatives by the Human Resources Department for the prevention of psychosocial risks.

Following a grass-roots survey conducted in June 2018 on the risk exposure, an action plan for 2019-2020 was drawn up to apply the HSE model to commercial operations worldwide.



All the bioindustrial sites of bioMérieux seek to obtain two types of certification:

  • ISO 14001 for the environment,
  • OHSAS 18001 for health and safety in the workplace.

All new buildings integrate low-consumption objectives and respect environmental quality standards.



A Health, Safety and Environment manager is in charge of HSE at each of the sites. These managers participate in the “Vision 2020” roll-out, attend HSE regional committee meetings to share good practices, provide feedback about concerns, and contribute to the development of bioMérieux standards. Efforts are focused on expanding the HSE policy to all entities worldwide.

Provide remote maintenance of our instruments

bioMérieux has introduced an ambitious program to provide remote maintenance of its instruments, which considerably reduces travel by technicians who provide remote assistance for some maintenance operations, customer services and IT updates of systems. 



 Sites certification*

  • 9 sites ISO 14001:2015 certified

  • 2 commercial subsidiaries ISO 14001 certified

* By late 2019