Responsibility to the environment

bioMérieux is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities through the responsible management of resources and energy. In 2016, we outlined “Vision 2020”, the policy underpinning our commitment to reach ambitious objectives.


« Vision 2020 », a health, safety and environment policy for everyone, everywhere

This global vision is built on four pillars:

  • the product life cycle, 
  • supply and distribution,
  • ensuring that tools are available to all employees,
  • the participation of Company sites and employee engagement.

This policy concerns all employees, regardless of their job and the country where they work – whether they are in an office, on the production line, in logistics, in a laboratory, or in the field.
An HSE Steering Committee was created in April 2016 to implement “Vision 2020” and to monitor how it is put into practice. Headed by Alexandre Mérieux, the CEO of bioMérieux, the committee comprises 10 members, including R&D representatives. Its role is to manage the roll-out of the Health, Safety and Environment vision, policy and strategy.

For bioMérieux, the policy governing Health, Safety and Environment is a global policy. We undertake to provide all of our employees, wherever they are, with a safe and healthy workplace, and to minimize the environmental impact of our products, infrastructure, activities and work methods.

Pierre Charbonnier
Corporate Vice President Manufacturing & Supply Chain