R&D publications in Clinical Microbiology field

An Automated Sample Preparation Instrument to Accelerate Positive Blood Cultures Microbial Identification by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry (VITEK® MS)
Broyer P., Perrot N., Rostaing H., Blaze J., Pinston F., Gervasi G., Charles M.H., Dachaud F., Dachaud J., Moulin F., Cordier S., Dauwalder O., Meugnier H. and Vandenesch F.
Front Microbiol 2018


Automated Real-Time Collection of Pathogen-Specific Diagnostic Data: Syndromic Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Meyers L., Ginocchio C.C., Faucett A.N., Nolte F.S., Gesteland P.H., Leber A., Janowiak D., Donovan V., Dien Bard J., Spitzer S., Stellrecht K.A., Salimnia H., Selvarangan R., Juretschko S., Daly J.A., Wallentine J.C., Lindsey K., Moore F., Reed S.L., Aguero-Rosenfeld M., Fey P.D., Storch G.A., Melnick S.J., Robinson C.C., Meredith J.F., Cook C.V., Nelson R.K., Jones J.D., Scarpino S.V., Althouse B.M., Ririe K.M., Malin B.A. and Poritz M.A.
JMIR Public Health Surveill 2018


Direct and Label Free Gram Differentiation of Bacterial Colonies on Agar by Hyperspectral Imaging
Midahuen R., Barlas P., Fulchiron C., Laloum E., Mahe P. and Leroux D.
Proceedings of SPIE 2018


Laser-cut paper-based device for the detection of dengue non-structural NS1 protein and specific IgM in human samples
Theillet G., Rubens A., Foucault F., Dalbon P., Rozand C., Leparc-Goffart I. and Bedin F.
Arch Virol 2018


The Inputs of Metagenomics in the Diagnostic of Infectious Diseases
Durand G.
Journal des Anti-Infectieux 2017


Proteomics and Metabolomics for Analysis of the Dynamics of Microbiota
Van Belkum A., Broadwell D., Lovern D., Petersen L., Weinstock G., Dunne W.M., Jr.
Expert Review of Proteomics 2017


Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Microbiology: What Are the Current Issues?
van Belkum A., Welker M., Pincus D., Charrier J.P., Girard V.
Annals of Laboratory Medicine 2017


Methods for the Detection and Identification of Pathogenic Bacteria: Past, Present, and Future
Varadi L., Luo J.L., Hibbs D.E., Perry J.D., Anderson R.J., Orenga S., Groundwater P.W.
Chemical Society Reviews 2017


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