Laboratory optimization

Automation and integration of innovative technologies are major factors in the optimization of laboratory performance and a priority for improving patient care.

Microbiology laboratories must face major challenges:

  • the growing scarcity of skilled technicians,
  • greater pressure to provide faster results,
  • an ever-increasing workload.

Lab efficiency is a key factor in meeting these challenges, since it can improve patient care and bring significant productivity gains.

The same challenges exist in the field of industrial microbiological controls: the rapid turnaround of results is crucial to ensure consumer safety, the smooth running of production operations, and the faster release of batches of finished products.

Why it’s important

  • Laboratory efficiency is essential for reducing the time required to obtain results and optimizing productivity.
    • It enhances laboratory performance and the use of automated systems, enabling customers to make significant productivity gains.
    • It enables the optimization of resources, releasing technicians from repetitive tasks so that they can focus on tasks with higher added-value.
  • Automation contributes to faster treatment decisions for patients and accelerated availability of pharmaceutical products for consumers.

Our product offering

  • bioMérieux helps laboratories to meet tomorrow’s challenges, by providing them with fully automated and customized and personalized solutions like WASP®  (Walk Away Specimen Processor) and PREVI® COLOR GRAM.
  • bioMérieux's automated solutions have halved the time required for laboratory tests in ten years.
    • We enable microbiologists to obtain results in a matter of hours instead of days. Our next challenge is to reduce those hours to minutes.
  • bioMérieux aims to reinforce:
    • decision-making support for biologists,
    • the transfer of data to clinicians (or industries) in real time,
    • remote access to data thanks to the MYLA® solution.