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R&D publications in Immunoassays field

Immune Functional Assays, From Custom to Standardized Tests for Precision Medicine
Albert-Vega C., Tawfik D.M., Trouillet-Assant S., Vachot L., Mallet F. and Textoris J.
Front Immunol 2018


Sensitivity of single-molecule array assays to detect Clostridium difficile toxins in comparison to conventional laboratory testing algorithms
Banz A., Lantz A., Riou B., Foussadier A., Miller M., Davies K. and Wilcox M.
J Clin Microbiol 2018


Assessment of an ultra-sensitive IFNgamma immunoassay prototype for latent tuberculosis diagnosis
Ben Salah E., Dorgham K., Lesenechal M., Pease C., Allard L., Dragonetti C., Gorochov G., Guihot A. and Sterlin D.
Eur Cytokine Netw 2018


Comparison of C. difficile Stool Toxin Concentrations in Adults with Symptomatic Infection and Asymptomatic Carriage using an Ultrasensitive Quantitative Immunoassay
Pollock N.R., Banz A., Chen X., Williams D., Xu H., Cuddemi C.A., Cui A.X., Perrotta M., Alhassan E., Riou B., Lantz A., Miller M.A. and Kelly C.P.
Clin Infect Dis 2018


Evaluation of Two VIDAS Prototypes for Detecting Anti-HEV IgG
Abravanel F., Goutagny N., Perret C., Lhomme S., Vischi F., Aversenq A., Chapel A., Dehainault N., Piga N., Dupret-Carruel J., Izopet J.
Journal of Clinical Virology 2017


Paper-Based Point-of-Care Testing for Cost-Effective Diagnosis of Acute Flavivirus Infections
Bedin F., Boulet L., Voilin E., Theillet G., Rubens A., Rozand C.
Journal of Medical Virology 2017


Expression, Refolding and Bio-Structural Analysis of a Tetravalent Recombinant Dengue Envelope Domain III Protein for Serological Diagnosis
Combe M., Lacoux X., Martinez J., Mejan O., Luciani F., Daniel S.
Protein Expression and Purification 2017


Field Assessment of the New Rapid Diagnostic Test Ebola EZYSCREEN®
Gallais F., Gay-Andrieu F., Picot V., Magassouba N., Mely S., Peyrefitte C.N., Bellanger L.
Bulletin De La Societe De Pathologie Exotique (1990) 2017



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