Gender equality

bioMérieux’s policy is based on Gender Equality Agreements that are renegotiated every three years. Thanks to these agreements, measures have been introduced to ensure equal pay and working conditions for women and men.

In France, the latest agreement regarding professional equality between women and men, applicable to the 2021 to 2023 period, was signed unanimously in January 2021.

To further demonstrate our commitment to equality for all, we have renamed this agreement “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion”. It focuses on:

  • Parenting support;
  • Inclusion;
  • The presence of women at the highest levels of management.

bioMérieux defines and implements a non-discrimination policy stating that only relevant skills are taken into account when assessing an internal or external job application.

The agreement also includes specific provisions for all employees engaged in a medically assisted reproduction protocol and creates a second parental leave allowing them to benefit from four weeks of rest during the first four months following the birth of the child.Diagramme Egalité HF EN