In application of the 2018-2021 agreement on disability, bioMérieux allocates an annual budget of €257,000 to fund a policy for the hiring, integration and training of people with disabilities. 

The Company also supports job retention by adapting workstations and promotes awareness-raising and training for stakeholders involved in integrating employees with disabilities.

Initiatives in 2019 included:

  • “Handibio” days organized in France at the Verniolle, Saint-Vulbas, La Balme and Marcy l’Étoile sites;
  • #HandibioRecrutement, a half-day “job dating” event organized by the EMEA recruitment team in France, for candidates with a two-year degree after their high-school diploma who are looking for a job, a work-study contract or an internship.


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In 2019, for the first time bioMérieux France exceeded the mandatory minimum employment rate for employees with disabilities. This achievement is the outcome of several disability agreements, dedicated budgets and grass-roots work by Disability Delegates.