Pioneering diagnostics

Cultural philanthropy

bioMérieux also supports cultural activities in the communities where our sites are located.

Grenoble Museum

bioMérieux has had close ties with the City of Grenoble for many years. We established the Christophe Mérieux Centre, dedicated to the research and production of molecular biology systems, in an exceptional scientific cluster fostered by the City of Grenoble.

Beyond this scientific collaboration, bioMérieux wanted to support the City’s cultural environment, in particular the Grenoble Museum. Alain Mérieux, Chairman of Institut Mérieux, is a founding member of the Museum’s Sponsors’ Club.

Lyon Museum of Fine Arts

bioMérieux contributed in particular to the acquisition of Nicolas Poussin’s painting, “The Flight into Egypt”, in 2008.,  as a statement of its strong ties to its city and region of origin and to encourage an encounter between city inhabitants and a masterpiece of French artistic heritage.

Other cultural philanthropy

For many years now, bioMérieux has also supported diverse cultural initiatives including, in France:


  • the Chaise Dieu annual music festival (in Haute Loire), for which bioMérieux has been a partner of over 30 years,
  • the Baroque Music Festival of Lyon,
  • the Lumière cinema festival, organized in Lyon every year by the Institut Lumière.