Compensation and benefits  

bioMérieux’s policy provides for compensation in the form of a fixed and bonus salary and, emphazises fringe benefits such as retirement, death and disability insurance and health insurance.

Profit-sharing, incentives and employee savings

In France, bioMérieux SA has a non-discretionary profit-sharing plan calculated on the basis of the legal formula.

The Company wants to closely involve its employees in the fruits of its growth through these different systems and the employee savings plans available to them.

Employee share ownership

As a result of the Company’s initial public offering as well as the introduction of the employee savings plans and several employee share ownership plans for Group employees over the last few years, nearly one in two current employees are bioMérieux shareholders.

Following two initial plans in 2017 and 2018 for employees outside France and the United States, a new employee share ownership plan (MyShare) has been implemented across all subsidiaries (except as per local restrictions) in 2019. The Company decided to renew the operation in May 2021 as an employee motivation and retention tool.

Supplementary pensions

The Company pays special attention to preparing for its employees’ retirement: Article 83 in France, 401K plan in the United States, and similar mechanisms in other countries. This differentiating feature is included in the overall compensation package presented to employees at recruitment.

Days off

Most of the subsidiaries worldwide have a policy of awarding more days off than the legal minimum, and reward their employees with additional days off related to seniority within the Company.

On-site catering



The Company offers staff canteens at most of its sites and subsidizes the price of meals in some countries. Around 75% of employees worldwide have the opportunity to eat a balanced meal at work.




Concierge service

In France, bioMérieux has opened a multi-service desk at its Craponne, Marcy l’Étoile, Campus de l’Étoile, La Balme and Grenoble sites. The Company covers the cost of this service, and employees pay for their orders at a preferential rate.



Protecting the health of employees takes many forms:

  • All Group employees are covered by health insurance;
  • Sites encourage employees to engage in sports activities;
  • On a regular basis, actions to build awareness about hygiene measures and public health priorities as well as seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns are organized at most sites;
  • In the United States, a pilot healthcare and education program is being developed through a medical center for employees and their families in St. Louis. The St. Louis and Durham sites raise awareness among employees and their families about priority public health measures and a digital program to help people lose weight is also available to employees.