Pioneering diagnostics

Strong ties with associative actors

Through partnerships with French associations such as Sport dans la Ville or the Institut Télémaque, the Company implements a policy to support young people in difficulty and offer equal opportunities.

Sport dans la Ville

bioMérieux and Sport dans la Ville are partners since 2007. Through sport, this association aims to promote the social and professional inclusion of young people coming from underprivileged neighbourhoods. bioMérieux’s commitment takes the form of mentoring and integrating of young people from the association in different departments of the Company.

In 2017, bioMérieux participated in the acquisition of a retrofitted school bus (Apprenti’Bus) to help the Sport dans la Ville association strengthen its programs by going from city to city to provide educational support and promote professional inclusion. In 2018, Sport dans la Ville wanted to strengthen this action towards other neighborhoods thanks to the renewed support of  bioMérieux, which gave its financial support for the acquisition of a 2nd Apprenti’Bus.


Institut Télémaque

bioMérieux initiated a partnership with Institut Télémaque in 2014. The Institut’s mission is to help deserving and eager-to-study young people rise in society. 

For the 2016-2017 school year, the Company funded in-house tutors who accompanied 16 young people selected by Institut Télémaque.