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Well-being at work

Our people are the vital force shaping bioMérieux’s success, which is why we actively seek to promote their health and well-being every single day. 

  • We adopt best practices to reduce the risks associated with the activities carried out at our sites, industrial production zones, R&D laboratories and offices. We are constantly working to take our safety culture to the next level. 
  • Protecting our people’s health, especially when faced with new challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, is a key priority. All team members are covered by health insurance, and we regularly educate our teams about hygiene measures and public health priorities.  
  •  We are also dedicated to building an environment in which you can find meaning in your job and unleash your full potential. We work to provide you a unique experience, filled with trust and open dialogue, supportive management, and growth opportunities. Some of our actions include creating new spaces that favor discussion and collaboration, implementing hybrid work and flexible hour arrangements, and developing internal employee communities.