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Well-being at work

Our employees are a vital force in shaping the Company’s success. We place great importance on ensuring that their working environment fosters their professional development while respecting the balance between their professional and personal lives.

bioMérieux takes a multidimensional approach to creating and maintaining a working environment that fosters our employees’ professional development, which includes:

  • Adapting work areas, whether they are offices, production sites or research centers;
  • Implementing technologies that allow for remote information sharing and encourage collaborative work in project mode;
  • Developing internal employee communities;
  • Implementing a work-life balance program;
  • Rolling out a “Great Place to Work” program at all the Company’s subsidiaries in order to strengthen the pride of belonging, trust in management and a friendly atmosphere within the Company.

bioMérieux has always been highly committed to the quality of social dialogue and the Executive Committee works in close concertation on several topics with our social partners. Numerous agreements have been signed with our social partners in the area of well-being at work (in France for instance: work health agreement, setting up of an active home office policy, etc.).


bioMérieux among the top 4 most attractive

companies in France

 At the eighth edition of the Randstad Awards, held in 2017, bioMérieux was deemed the fourth most attractive company in France by members of the general public.

In late 2016, 7,042 people aged 18 to 65 years were surveyed to measure the relative appeal (i.e. the perception of individuals who would want to work for an employer of which they have direct knowledge) of 250 companies operating in France.

This prize is recognition for our company culture, which is both entrepreneurial and respectful of our employees. It shows that we can be innovative and effective in economic terms, while ensuring that top priority is given to the well-being of the men and women who work for our company."

Michel Baguenault, General Secretary



For more detailed information about these commitments, see our actions related to our responsibility to our workforce