Pioneering diagnostics


Bringing diagnostics to the patient’s bedside for improved care.

A point-of-care test is a test performed and interpreted at the point where and when it will be used to make a clinical decision – i.e. in close proximity to the patient rather than in a centralized laboratory. The person performing the test typically is not a laboratory specialist, but for example a physician or a nurse.

Rapid tests

Providing patients with access to diagnostic testing at the Point-of-Care, i.e., outside the bounds of the microbiology testing laboratory, particularly in doctors’ offices, is an important focus of bioMérieux’s efforts.

  • Rapid tests are flexible and easy to use (taking less than 10 minutes to perform), making it possible for patients to receive care and for doctors to prescribe the appropriate treatment very quickly.
  • After the first five bioNexia tests produced at the Shanghai plant in China, other tests are being developed in the areas of respiratory tract and gastroenterological infections, among others.
  • Development teams are also working to integrate new technologies into the testing device.