Pioneering diagnostics

Personalized medicine

bioMérieux is committed to making personalized medicine a reality by building partnerships to develop theranostics for infectious diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Some collaborations include Ipsen and GSK (two development projects). bioMérieux has made a sustained investment in high medical value biomarkers through in-house R&D programs, licensing and research collaborations.

Theranostics development also leverages bioMérieux's unique hybrid business strategy: the high complexity CLIA lab of its subsidiary, bioTheranostics, allied with bioMérieux's global IVD business, supports aggressive development timelines while ensuring test availability wherever the drug is sold.

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bioMérieux’s goal is to contribute towards making the best medicine available to the right patient, while optimizing health costs

For more information on partnering with bioMérieux, please contact our dedicated theranostics team:

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