Pioneering diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics

Genetic Screens for Determination of Mechanism of Action
Gay-Andrieu F, Alex D, Calderone R.
In: Candida species : Methods and Protocols. Calderone, R, Cihlar, R(ed); 2015

Multiplex PCR Testing for Nine Different Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Kriesel JD, Bhatia AS, Barrus C, Vaughn M, Gardner J, Crisp RJ.
International Journal of STD & AIDS 2015

Rapid Quantification of Staphylococcus Aureus From Endotracheal Aspirates of Ventilated Patients: a Proof-of-Concept Study
Lacroix M, Barraud O, Clavel M, Filiputti D, Prudent S, Francois B, Ploy MC, Jestin MA, Rodrigue M, Pachot A, Yugueros-Marcos J, Moucadel V.
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 2015

Detection of Dengue Virus in Mosquito Extracts and Human Clinical Samples Using a Field Expedient Molecular Platform
Pal S, Richardson JH, Murphy JR, Krairojananan P, Kongtak P, Jaichapor B, Kankaew P, Ekanayake S, Davis TJ, Maserang DL, Teng DH, Crisp RJ, Wu SJ, Coleman RE, McAvin JC, Swaby JA.
Military Medicine 2015

A Biotin-Conjugated Pyridine-Based Isatoic Anhydride, a Selective Room Temperature RNAAcylating Agent for the Nucleic Acid Separation
Ursuegui S, Yougnia R, Moutin S, Burr A, Fossey C, Cailly T, Laayoun A, Laurent A, Fabis F.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2015

Getting Things Backwards to Prevent Primer Dimers
Poritz MA, Ririe KM.
The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics : JMD 2014

Leveraging Arthropod-Borne Disease Surveillance Assays for Clinical Diagnostic Use
Melanson VR, Scheirer JL, van de Wyngaerde MT, Bourzac K, Wu SJ, Kochel T, McAvin JC.
Military Medicine 2014

Microarrays for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Infectious Diseases; Approved Guideline
Tang YW, Dunbar SA, Yao JDC, Chittur S, Conoci S, Daly JA, Dhawan S, Huang S, Martinez-Murillo F, Miller SA, Li Li MS, Peterson G, Raich TJ, Poritz M, Reygaert W, Salimnia H.
Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute 2014

Biotin-Conjugated N-Methylisatoic Anhydride: a Chemical Tool for Nucleic Acid Separation by Selective 2 ' -Hydroxyl Acylation of RNA
Ursuegui S, Chivot N, Moutin S, Burr A, Fossey C, Cailly T, Laayoun A, Fabis F, Laurent A.
Chemical Communications 2014

DNA/RNA Preparation for Molecular Detection
Thatcher SA
Clinical Chemistry 2014

Development of an Efficient QRT-PCR Assay for Quality Control and Cellular Quantification of Respiratory Samples
Resa C., Magro S., Marechal P., Barranger C., Joannes M., Miszczak F., Vabret A.
Journal of Clinical Virology 2014

Quantitative PCR Analysis of Genes Expressed During Biofilm Development of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).
Atshan S.S., Shamsudin M.N., Karunanidhi A., van Belkum A., Lung L.T.T., Sekawi Z., Nathan J.J., Ling K.H., Seng J.S.C., Ali A.M., Abduljaleel S.A., Hamat R.A.
Infection, Genetics and Evolution : Journal of Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics in Infectious Diseases 2013

Mutants With Higher Stability and Specific Activity From a Single Thermosensitive Variant of T7 RNA Polymerase.
Boulain J.C., Dassa J., Mesta L., Savatier A., Costa N., Muller B.H., L'hostis G., Stura E.A., Troesch A., Ducancel F.
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection : PEDS 2013

Detection of Campylobacter Species and Arcobacter Butzleri in Stool Samples by Use of Real-Time Multiplex PCR.
de Boer R.F., Ott A., Guren P., van Zanten E., van Belkum A., Kooistra-Smid A.M.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2013

Highly Sensitive Plasma RNA Quantification by Real-Time PCR in HIV-2 Group A and Group B Infection.
Delarue S., Didier E., Damond F., Ponscarme D., Brengle-Pesce K., Resche-Rigon M., Vray M., Gueudin M., Simon F.
Journal of Clinical Virology : the Official Publication of the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology 2013

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