Pioneering diagnostics

Making Diagnostics Accessible

Recognizing the essential role that diagnostics play in improving public health, bioMérieux created a Public Health Department in 2007 to make its diagnostic solutions accessible to as many people as possible.

Our Goals

In response to the Millennium Development Goals defined by the United Nations, bioMérieux is focusing its efforts on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, drawing upon its expertise in infectious diseases.

In addition to these primary objectives, bioMérieux also develops diagnostic solutions to address other public health challenges, such as testing for emerging viruses.

Our goal is to give access to biological diagnostic techniques in developing countries leveraging our presence in over 150 countries worldwide through 41 subsidiaries and a network of distributors. In concrete terms, we participate in healthcare programs receiving the support of important donors*, large international organizations** or NGOs, aiming to make diagnostic tools available locally, train personnel in the utilization of these systems and ensure post-installation follow-up.

* Global Fund, World Bank, UNITAID, etc.
** WHO, Unicef, PAHO, etc.

Our Key Assets

  • Our global presence, including limited resource countries. Our teams in the field provide assistance for lab installation, technical training as well as local follow-up for users.
  • Our expertise and commitment in the field of infectious diseases allow us to provide diagnostic solutions of excellent quality in formats that meet the needs of different healthcare settings.