Pioneering diagnostics

Innovating for Public Health

Because in vitro diagnostics informs medical decisions, it is an essential link in the healthcare chain. Today the role played by diagnostics has changed considerably thanks to remarkable advances in medicine and the life sciences, coupled with the development of new technologies.

Diagnostics are a powerful force in improving patient care and controlling healthcare costs. In the agri-food and biopharmaceutical industries, microbiological control can prevent contamination, contributing to improving product quality and protecting consumers.

bioMérieux is determined to play a pioneering role in changing the face of diagnostics. To this end, we pursue an ambitious innovation strategy focused on two priorities:

  • Giving biologists, clinicians and industrial laboratories more comprehensive, high medical value and/or predictive information,
  • Optimizing the management of workflows and processes in clinical and control laboratories, with the dual objective of constantly reducing time to results and improving productivity.