Pioneering diagnostics


bioMérieux is developing ultra-sensitive immunoassays with a ground-breaking technology to bring significant medical value.

Our goal is to improve the standard of care, by making it possible to detect diseases earlier and thus enable clinicians to make patient treatment decisions much more rapidly.

bioMérieux and the U.S.-based company, Quanterix, have a partnership to develop immunoassays using a technology that has the sensitivity of molecular diagnostics at a more affordable cost.

  • Quanterix is the inventor of ultra-sensitive Simoa immunoassay technology, offering unprecedented assay performance with multiplex capability.
    • Simoa is far more sensitive than conventional, analog-based methods of detecting proteins or biomarkers in a biological sample.
    • It is based on a digital approach that enables detection of a signal from single molecules of a labeled analyte, making it possible to measure very low concentrations of analytes.
  • Quanterix will develop a new instrument and consumables for a new range of tests developed by bioMérieux.
  • bioMérieux R&D teams are working to develop specialized tests for which high sensitivity and / or multiplex capabilities are required.
  • Infectious diseases, our core area of expertise, will be a particular focus. The menu will include:
    • existing tests, for which higher sensitivity could increase their medical value,
    • detection and quantification of biomarkers, which are currently difficult or impossible to measure, creating possibilities for new applications.