Pioneering diagnostics

bioMérieux University

bioMérieux University prepares our employees to meet the challenges of continued medical, scientific, geographical and economic revolutions with a key focus on: Knowledge, Collaboration, Enjoyment and Agility.


bioMérieux University is utilizing new technologies to ensure that employees have immediate access to the technical and scientific knowledge they need and to expand learning and development opportunities.


The collective intelligence and diverse talents of our employees foster new modes for problem-solving and innovation. bioMérieux University trains and coaches managers to promote teamwork and cross-functional collaboration.


Employee enjoyment and engagement are critical to the success of bioMérieux. bioMérieux University provides training and coaching to encourage a positive, supportive environment that allows for fun, creativity and individual differences.

Agility, both individual and collective

bioMérieux University’s role is to create flexible teams prepared to take risks and find new solutions in our changing environment. The University creates opportunities for teams to focus on the group dynamic, build trust and improve communication.